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How can I receive audio and video in the live sessions? To receive audio and video within the video live stream sessions, please ensure your loudspeakers are active and you have a stable internet connection to receive the video feed.
How and when can I get help? First and foremost we recommend to read through the FAQ, if your question can be answered here.

If not, there are two ways to get help:

1) Prior and after an event: please send an email to
The event management team is answering your requests within 24h.

2) During an event: please use the help chat where our support team is online 30 minutes prior to the session start times throughout the whole duration of an event.
Where can I find the presentation slides of the sessions? You can find all event related content available for download on the session details page accessible through the agenda. Downloads are made available usually the day after the event, but check out the FAQ within the session to get exact information.
Will session recordings be available for download? All sessions will be recorded and will be available for download a few days after the live event.
What happens when I add a session to "my sessions" from the agenda? With this functionality you will be able to create your own schedule for the event. By adding a session to my sessions, your personal schedule will be available on the menu item "my sessions" and you can download a an event calendar of your personal schedule to your Outlook calendar. In case you decide to remove a session you already bookmarked, just click the respective button on my sessions and the session will be removed. Of course the session will still remain available on the agenda.
Where can I find the recordings of the sessions? You can find all session recordings in the recording section of the virtual event platform.
What can I do about video/audio issues? First step is always to press [Ctrl]+[F5] to force a complete browser refresh. If this doesn't work, here are a few other steps you can try:
1) If you’re using wireless, try a wired connection.
2) Hover over the video window and click the button at the lower left for 'Standard Quality'.
3) If you’re using the 64-bit version of IE on a 64-bit system, switch to the 32-bit version.
4) Disable the Aero theme on Windows Vista 64-bit.
5) Try opening the video stream in Windows Media Player (or VLC Player or similar) by pointing directly to the standard quality stream or the high-quality stream. Links for each session can be found on the FAQ tab within the session. NOTE: When using Windows Media Player, hit [Ctrl]+[U] to enter the URL.
6) Silverlight is not supported in Windows 8 start menu mode; Windows 8 users: please switch to Internet Explorer in desktop mode in order for Silverlight to be operational.
How can I get a questions answered during an event? From the Q&A tab, simply type your question and post.
How can I attend a live session? Visit the agenda, select the session you want to attend and click on the join button.